Exceptional Transport

The reference for transport in Nuoro

Expert in the area of exceptional transport, Pittorra Trasporti is able to meet every need with the best equipment available in the industry. From the various transport options including special forklifts to trailers, the Nuoro company offers the most suitable options, taking care of each phase from start to finish.
Making sure safety is the priority, Pittorra Trasporti will also take care of the various loading and unloading phases, covering all goods with a valid insurance.

The best solution for all your specific needs

Synonymous of reliability and safety, the Nuoro transport company puts at your disposal a large fleet of machines ready to satisfy every type of need for exceptional transport. Specialised in the transport of exceptional loads with special forklifts and trailers, the company stands out when it comes to dealing with the moving of concrete and pre-fabricated machines, as well as industrial buildings, wind generators, mobile homes, boats and much more. The company distinguishes itself by organising and managing transport for every stage, with a keen focus on detail. The Pittorra Trasporti takes care of the delivery to and from Sardinia as well as the technical stocks and assistance for transportation, and carries out all checks and inspections required prior to the route. All goods transported by the Nuoro company are covered by an insurance policy with reasonable ceilings, in compliance with the art. 1696 c.c. and the art. 23 of the C.M.R.

Large fleet

A 360-degree reference for every transport need, the Pittorra Trasporti has established itself in Nuoro and throughout the Sardinia region to provide you with only the best equipment and means available in this sector. From low-loaders for any kind of transport to trailers and semi-trailers, the company also specialises in transport solutions with special forklifts, as well as in road tractors with cranes and much more.

Come and discover all our solutions for exceptional loads and forklifts at our headquarters in Nuoro.

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