Escorts & Logistics

Specialists in exceptional transport in Nuoro

The Pittorra Trasporti is the ideal partner for every logistics service in Nuoro and throughout the Sardinia region.
A 360-degree reference for every need, the company is a point of reference when it comes to expert transport assistance, as well as putting at your disposal only the best technicians in the sector.

Logistics solutions

Pittorra Trasporti has all the necessary authorisations to provide an efficient and professional transport assistance.
The proposed service is complete and performed by specialised personnel, to ensure compliance with all the quality and safety standards required in the sector.

We are able to offer the following services for logistics:
• technical escorts on behalf of third parties;
• handling paperwork for exceptional transports for the various entities and for any police requests;
• boarding and disembarking of goods and/or vehicles at airport facilities and intermodal centres on behalf of third parties;
• parking and garaging of goods and/or vehicles at our ample parking lot;
• technical advice on exceptional transport.

Technical escort and specialised transportation services

Pittorra Trasporti offers maximum flexibility and availability, to meet every need of its customers.
We are authorised to provide a technical escort service for exceptional transports, both for our own transportation needs and on behalf of third parties, compliant with the directive by Ministerial Decree No. 180 of 1997 and subsequent amendments, offering the service in all cases of exceptional transports exceeding the limits outlined by the highway code.
We have a large fleet of vehicles compliant with the provisions of art. 10 of the C.d.S. and highly qualified and specialised personnel.

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