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Active since 1974, Pittorra Trasporti operates in the field of earth moving and exceptional transport.
Professional and reliable, the company has established itself in Nuoro and throughout Sardinia to offer you a wide range of services and thrives to satisfy every request. Able to carry out all transport phases from start to finish, the Pittorra Trasporti distinguishes itself by putting at your disposal only the best vehicles and operators, for the movement of goods and the use of exceptional transport. Also active in the area of container rental, earth moving machines and in solutions for the transport of pre-fabricated buildings, the company boasts highly reliable staff, always ready to offer a targeted and tailor-made service. The availability of a vast fleet of vehicles constantly updated and the years of experience, allow the company to offer you numerous specialised services, such as roadside assistance services for heavy vehicles and a service of technical stocks; all with the utmost attention to quality and to your requests.
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The company

The Pittorra company was founded in 1974 as a unique personal company by Mr. Domenico Pittorra, operating both in the field of earth moving and exceptional transport in Sardinia.
With the expansion of the family, even the children decided to undertake the same activity, joining Mr Domenico. In 1990, due to the untimely death of the latter, his sons and wife founded the Pittorra firm Domenico Eredi s.n.c., still operational today and joined in 2010 by Pittorra Trasporti S.r.l.
The extensive experience gained in the sector allows us to satisfy every request quickly and with guaranteed results, operating from our headquarters in Nuoro, in Prato Sardo lot number 5.
Thanks to a vast fleet of vehicles, all new and maintained in perfect working order, we guarantee a high quality for every intervention, carried out in a timely manner and in total safety, thanks to the insurance of goods that covers not only transport, but also loading and unloading with cranes and interventions up to 40 meters in height carried out with a basket.
We have a large fleet constantly updated, including low-floor platforms for any type of transport, trailers and semi-trailers for the transport of goods and road tractors equipped with cranes.
All our vehicles comply with the regulations in force, the annual inspections, and the tractors with the crane are in compliance with the Ispels and ASL tests. We are qualified to perform technical escort for exceptional transports, both on our own account and on behalf of third parties, with all the necessary means and highly qualified personnel.
Regularly registered in the register of road hauliers, we offer our services in accordance with the provisions of Italian law (articles 1678 of the Italian Civil Code, Legislative Decree 286/2005 and s.m.i.) and the international one (C.M.R. Convention).
With several partners and collaborators in the rest of Italy, we have been able to provide complete logistics outsourcing to and from Sardinia for many years.
The choice by the Pittorra company to make continuous investments allows the company to be constantly updated, offering customers cutting-edge, reliable and satisfying services.

The highest quality and competence available to you

The Pittorra Trasporti is characterised by personalised services catered to your needs and the guarantee of the highest quality and competence in solving any problems. The company, today among the most appreciated companies of Sardinia, stands out when it comes to assisting you step by step with a highly experienced technical staff and with only the best machines available on the market. For all types of needs, the Nuoro company is able to provide any type of specialised service, thanks to the collaboration of the best experts in the sector.

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