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The continuous and professional updating of the Pittorra Trasporti company guarantees a targeted and highly specialised service offer. Nuoro's company, always in line with the latest technologies and committed to meeting every request in compliance with the laws in force, distinguishes itself by providing only the best means of  transportation solutions.
From exceptional transports to lifting services with forklifts, the company stands out by offering a wide range of logistics services able to meet every professional need. On this page you will find a section dedicated to the most frequent questions and to the in-depth analysis of the sector, dedicated to companies that operate in the field of transport of items.


In this section you can find some answers to the most frequently asked questions about transport services offered by the Nuoro company.

1) What is an exceptional vehicle?

A vehicle is registered as exceptional when it is used for the transport of items, including trailers, or people. The vehicle also has its own specific gear configuration and is used for specific functional requirements. Due to its size and mass, the exceptional vehicle is classed under the specific vehicle category, as defined by the articles 61 and 62 of the Highway Code.
When a vehicle circulates within the size and mass limits of the normal category, even if it is an exceptional vehicle, there is no need for any authorisation to circulate and is subject to the rules applicable to all other vehicles.

2) What is an exceptional transport?

A transport is defined as exceptional when its size and/or mass exceeds the limits imposed by the articles 61 and 62, under the specific category, of the Highway Code. It can only be applied if the road owner has issued the appropriate authorisation. A vehicle can be considered exceptional due to one of the two items below:
• Mass: only for vehicles with adequate capacity and registered as exceptional, whether they exceed or not the dimensional limits of the art. 61 C.d.S.;
• Dimensions: also possible with normal vehicles, provided that the mass limits are not exceeded, but the transported object exceeds the dimensional limits of art. 61 of the C.d.S.

3) What are the conditions that establish the exceptional nature of a transport?

• Transportation of indivisible objects of which the mass or dimensions exceed the category limits imposed by articles 61 and 62 C.d.S; together with the indivisible things, other divisible things are admitted as long as they remain within the dimensional and mass limits imposed by the C.d.S. (e.g.: accessories of the indivisible object);
• Transportation of divisible objects that, due to the specific nature of the transport, according to the art. 10 C.d.S., are classified as exceptional;
• Transport with front or rear overhang of the indivisible object transported over 3/10 of the total length, while remaining within the limits imposed by the C.d.S. The overhang is authorised only if after a correct arrangement of the load the overhang is still necessary, otherwise it is considered a violation of the art . 61. The rear overhang exceeding the size limits always requires an authorisation pursuant to art. 10 C.d.S.

4) Exceptional transport authorisations

When an exceptional transport or vehicle exceeds the limits imposed by the C.d.S, their circulation is allowed only with a specific authorisation issued by the road owner, once the compliance of the exceptional vehicle/transport circulation with safety measures has been verified off road and the compliance to these safety rules by the person driving the vehicle has also been verified. This is required whether the vehicle circulates on the roads or simply crosses them. The authorisation is personal, non-transferable to third parties and the holder must be linked to the company that performs the transport or that has the vehicle declared in the authorisation.

5) Types of exceptional transport authorisation

• Single: issued per trip based on specific transport need that must be completed on a set date defined by the authorisation or within a well-defined period of time not exceeding three months from the date of issue of the authorisation;
• Multiple: issued for a defined number of journeys, with travel routes and identical transport characteristics (with the possibility to decrease mass and size), to be completed within a well-defined period of time, not exceeding three months from the date of issue;
• Periodical: issued for an indefinite number of trips to be made within a period of no more than one year. The transport can be exceptional only according to dimension criteria and not for mass; the transported object must always have the same nature or type; no type of technical escort or transport police is required.

6) The escort to exceptional transport.

The escort is a guarantee for the safety of the circulation of exceptional transport and other vehicles. It can be of different types, such as:
• Technical escort: carried out with the means of the company carrying out the transport or the company authorised to service it; the circumstances in which it is necessary are indicated in the D.M. 180/97;
• Police escort: carried out by road police; this type of escort is used when the size and difficulty of transportation are significant, sometimes requiring the temporary closure to traffic of some road sections; in particular circumstances, the road police may delegate the escort to a technically qualified escort (technical escort in delegation);
• Mixed escort: technical escort accompanied by road police escort.
The type of escort is chosen by the owner of the road according to the C.d.S. and in relation to the size and mass of the transport, type of roads that must be traveled or crossed.

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